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About the Bank

Menard Bank was chartered in 1919 in downtown Menard, Texas. Our financial institution has been and continues to be a center point of the community. Located on the historic irrigation canal, Menard Bank provides financial support and guidance to many local businesses and agricultural endeavors. We are a rock of solid financial foundation in an ever-changing economy in rural Texas.

Menard Bank strives to be an integral part of the local community. We are a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and support many local groups and organizations, including: the Menard Independent School District, Menard Yellowjacket Booster Club, Menard PTO, Menard Public Library, Menard 4-H Clubs, Menard Youth Baseball, Menard Volunteer Fire Department, and others like these. We proudly support these special interest groups as they enhance our community and provide needed services to all.

Solid support and caring leadership describes the role Menard Bank strives to play in the community of Menard. Professional, friendly customer service along with minimal security risk describes the bank to potential customers. Our personal, one-on-one attention to our customers and their needs makes us a smart banking choice.

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