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EFT Policy

Menard Bank's Electronic Funds Transfer Policy

Menard Bank provides the following Electronic Funds Transfers:

  • Direct Deposits
  • Preauthorized Withdrawals
  • Stop Payments
  • Telephone Banking
  • P/C Based Banking
  • ATM Transactions

The customer may make arrangements to have certain direct deposits accepted into their checking account or savings account.

The customer may make arrangements to have certain recurring bills paid from their checking account.

The customer has the right to stop payments on their account (See EFT Procedure for details).

It is the policy of Menard Bank not to charge for Direct Deposits, or Preauthorized Withdrawals.

Menard Bank charges $15.00 for each stop payment order given.

Menard Bank has TeleBanking and Tele-P/C banking available to its customers. Each customer must complete and sign an authorization form for the service. The customer then must enter their social security number and “pin” number to gain access to their account. A temporary pin number is a number the customer provides to allow initial access to the system. Only the Bank and the customer know this number. The first call that the customer makes to access the Telebank system they are required by the system to input a new, secure pin code. For security reasons, only the customer knows this number. The Tele-P/C works in the same manner, however the bank has to activate the P/C user. All Telebank and Tele-P/C user’s temporary pin numbers are kept in the vault.

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